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Student Visa

Student Visa

Students aspiring to study in foreign destinations to expand their career horizons need a student visa to pursue their dreams. This form of a visa requires an enormous amount of documentation and has a range of procedures that one needs to follow. This can be a long and tiresome process for a student already dealing with a lot of pressure. At Aastha OverSeas we aim to make this process smooth and hassle free for all our clients.

The Student Visa is usually valid for the period of time of the course selected by the student and requires a series of checks before it is granted. Some countries may offer students a chance to work while they are studying, while for some courses this permission may not be granted. These rules vary from country to country, and in some cases courses as well. There are also some differences in the checks and regulations of different countries that one needs to adhere to when applying for a Student Visa. Having a professional consultant, like Aastha OverSeas , is very important. It helps ensure that you have covered all your bases and are prepared for all possible contingencies. In some cases even if a student gets through a college, their visa may be rejected, having professional help in such situations can be invaluable.

There are essentially two stages of applications for this process, one is to apply for the college and one is for the Student Visa. The Student Visa application needs a number of documents to be furnished by the student in question. Documents like your acceptance letter from the college you applied to, your English proficiency examination results, as well as other recommendation letters should be gathered before submitting the application for the Student Visa.

It is important that the student is well-prepared for the interview for the Student Visa. The interview assures the consulate of the intentions of the students and it is important to get it absolutely spot on. Aastha OverSeas helps you prepare for the interview in a thorough fashion and makes sure that you are familiar with the possible questions that can be asked. This is one of the most important stages of obtaining a Student Visa and should always be handled with the help of professionals.

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